Taylor’s Shop

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Taylor’s Grocers Shop  


In July 2005, during building work at what was the Repton Tandoori Restaurant, the fascia board of an earlier occupier of the premises was revealed. Mr John Thomas Taylor ran a high-class Grocers and Wine & Spirit Merchants in the Repton High Street premises. It was first listed in Kelly’s Trade Directory in 1895 and by 1904, the listing stated “Grocer, Baker and Wine & Spirit Merchants”, High Street and Main Street. The Main Street shop was in the Square and was also the location of the bakery. The shops were known locally as “Top Taylors” and “Bottom Taylors” or alternatively “Big Taylors” and “Little Taylors”. The High Street shop had a long life but could not survive the coming of supermarkets and eventually closed. 

The fascia, pictured above right, is of a type which was very common at one time and is made of glass, painted brown, with the lettering picked out in gold leaf. It is still in extremely good condition. Its age is not known, so if anyone can provide any dates or other information, we would be pleased to know. 

The History Group has been able to scan and copy Taylor’s Cash Price List for 1900, see photo of front cover above left, which is in the possession of a local resident. This price list is a 12 page booklet which lists all the items sold. There obviously was not much inflation in those days to be able to set prices for a whole year. Whisky was listed at 3/6d (17.5p) per bottle or 42/- (£2.10) per dozen!

A. Kimber, July 2005.