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Here is where you'll find the latest information about how we are moving towards the completion of the Neighbourhood Plan and what the stages are we'll be going through.  These are described below.

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  • Take a vote and decide if the Parish Council will support the production of a neighbourhood plan. - Done - Unanimously in favour
  •  Decide the boundary of the plan the neighbourhood area; - Done - The parish boundary will used.

  • Apply to SDDC for the neighbourhood planning area to be formally recognised. - Done

  • Form a working group.  This need not be formed from the PC although certain people might be on both the steering committee and working group.  The working group basically does the hard graft.  The role of the steering committee is to represent the PCs interests and ensure that the plan will be something the PC is prepared to stand behind, once it has been produced.  The steering committee will be engaged and informed at each key stage of the process. - Done

  • Produce a constitution. - Done

  • Apply to funding from SDDC - Done

  • Apply to funding through mycommunityrights - Done

  • Plan the work required to produce the NP.  In particular work out a strategy to engage with the full community, what the plan will cover, how to draft the plan and how to consult. - Done

  • Check all relevant documents, especially national planning policy and the SDDC local plan.

  • Start the promotion campaign.  Write a website, posters, parish magazine, hand-outs in local organisations etc.- Done

  • Review the existing evidence base community make-up, Village Design Statement, census etc.

  • Start engagement process.  This aims to find out what is important to inhabitants and organisations. - Done

  • Identify meaningful themes to for consultation. - Done

  • Draw up the targeted consultation/questionnaire.  Aim to generate clear evidence to guide the production of the plan.  Questionnaires and on-line surveys will be used. - Done

  • Collate the results and use them to draft the plan.  Produce policies, guidance and proposals. - Done

  • Circulate the draft plan (and summary) as part of the final consultation process.  - Done

  • Submit the draft plan and evidence base to SDDC.  If  it is agreed to be sound then SDDC arranges to publicise the plan, the final public consultation stage.  - Done

  • SDDC arranges for the plan to be independently examined.  - Done

  • The examiner decides whether the plan is sound and recommends it to go to referendum, subject to certain amendments.  - Done

  • SDDC formally considers the examination recommendations.  If they agree with the changes they arrange a referendum.  

  • The vote happens and the plan is accepted or rejected

  • Assuming acceptance, the NP is then formally adopted and forms part of statutory planning policy


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