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Pre-Submission Consultation

The Neighbourhood Development Plan has now reached the last stage of public consultation.  The plan is required to undergo a consultation period of at least 6 weeks where members of the public and interested parties are invited to comment on the version known as the Pre-Submission Draft.  Following this, the responses will be collated and reviewed.  If the comments and arguments are compelling, the plan will be revised prior to submission, first to South Derbyshire District Council (the local planning authority), then to an independent examiner.  If the examiner judges the plan to be 'sound', it will then proceed to a public referendum.  Click on the link below to see the Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Pre-Submission NDP - Click Here

Repton Parish Council invites comments on the Pre-Submission Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan.  These must be returned no later than 20th March 2017.  Please use the form below.  This may be emailed to np@reptonvillage.org.uk or paper copies may be left at the Parish Council Offices (details: http://www.repton-pc.gov.uk/ ) or in a box at a variety of shops and other retail businesses in the parish.

 Comments Form - Click Here

In the process of producing the Neighbourhood Development Plan a great deal of research and consultation has taken place.  All documents in this process have been give a unique number; a Consultation Evidence File (CEF) number.  The plan itself is number one.  The link below is to the table that lists the documents.  Note that some documents contain personal information, so are not available on this website.  The examiner will have a copy of these when the review takes place.

Document CEF Number and Description Document Link


CEF 1             Repton Neighbourhood Development Plan Click Here
CEF 2             Designated NDP Area application and confirmation Click Here Click Here & Click Here & Click Here &  Click Here
CEF 3             Consultation Statement Click Here
CEF 4             Basic Conditions Statement Click Here
CEF 5             Detailed Justification of Policies Click Here
CEF 5a          Links to Existing Planning Documents Click Here
CEF 6             Landscape Character and Visual Amenity (FPCR) Click Here
CEF 7             Conservation Area Character Statements Click Here &  Click Here
CEF 8             Historical Assets Register Click Here
CEF 9             Repton Village Design Statement Click Here
CEF 10          Consultation Process For Village Design Statement Click Here
CEF 11          Village Party Survey 2011 and 2013 On-line document not available
CEF 12          Issues raised at Parish Council meeting over past 2 years Click Here
CEF 13          Example Time Line  Click Here
CEF 14          Members of Steering Group and Working Group Click Here
CEF 15          Summary of Meeting Notes of Working Group Click Here
CEF 16          List of Organisations and Groups Click Here
CEF 17          List of Businesses Click Here
CEF 18          Reference Documents Click Here
CEF 19          Flyer and Poster for Launch Meeting Click Here &  Click Here
CEF 20          PowerPoint presentation from Launch Meeting Click Here
CEF 21           Materials for Launch Meeting Click Here
CEF 22          Summary of Launch Meeting Attendees Click Here
CEF 23          Pre-questionnaire flyer (hand delivered) Click Here
CEF 24          Poster for Questionnaire Click Here
CEF 25          Information enclosed in Household survey envelope delivered                        with Parish Magazine Click Here Click Here & Click Here & Click Here &  Click Here
CEF 26          Reminder for people to fill in questionnaire Click Here &  Click Here
CEF 27          Photographs of publicity around the villages Click Here
CEF 28          Analysis of Questionnaires by theme Click Here
CEF 29          Spreadsheet of Comments from questionnaire On-line document not available
CEF 30          Parish Magazine Questionnaire Feedback centre spread March                        2016 Click Here
CEF 31         Evidence paper for each Theme Click Here
CEF 32         Table showing Evidence for each Theme Click Here
CEF 33         Business Consultations Click Here Click Here & Click Here
CEF 34         Repton School Interview On-line document not available
CEF 35         Repton Primary School survey responses Click Here
CEF 36         Information for First Drop-in event and Board Milton and Repton On-line document not available
CEF 37         First Drop in Event Session Report Click Here
CEF 38         Posters for Second Drop in Event Repton (Policies) Click Here
CEF 39         Poster and Flyer for Second Drop in Event Milton(Policies) Click Here & Click Here
CEF 40         Information for display at Second Drop In Event Click Here Click Here & Click Here Click Here & Click Here & Click Here
CEF 41         Second Drop In Session Reports Milton and Repton Click Here
CEF 42         Summary of Parish Magazine Articles and Parish Council Jottings Click Here
CEF 43         Consultation with South Derbyshire District Council Click Here
CEF 44         Derbyshire County Council Comments Click Here
CEF 45         Experts Consulted Click Here
CEF 46         Feedback from Consultants On-line document not available
CEF 47         Feedback from Statutory Undertakers On-line document not available
CEF 48         Feedback from other Interested Parties On-line document not available
CEF 49         SDDC Statement of Community Involvement Click Here
CEF 50         Summary of Audiences and Engagement Methods Click Here
CEF 51         Questionnaire for Pre-Submission Click Here
CEF 52         Pre-Submission Consultation Response Feedback (Statutory                       Consultation Regulation 14) Not yet available
CEF 53         Summary of Pre-submission Consultation changes made to                        NDP Not yet available
CEF 54         E-mail confirmation of Survey Results and NDP being put on-                       line, update of Twitter and Facebook Not yet available

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