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The Repton Village History Group has a number of publications for sale and aims to continue to add to the list.  Contact us if you would like more details of how to obtain a copy of any of the publications listed below.




Repton Trail – An illustrated guide to walks around the village £1.00
Repton Map – An A5 postcard version of Repton Historic Village Map £0.50
Astbury’s Diary – The Rev William Astbury spent the summer of 1843 in Repton -  his diary gives a snapshot of village life £4.50
The Bridge – Celebrates 100 years of the freeing of the toll bridge at Willington – see photographs of the freeing of the Bridge £2.00
Repton – Historic Capital of Mercia – 40 pages of photos of old Repton £4.00
Remember Blue Buses – a nostalgic look at the old Blue Buses which were a way of life for 50 years £3.00
Notices and Jottings from St Wystan's - Repton Parish Magazine £0.75
Repton Historic Village Map £1.00
A Short History of Foremark £2.00
Memorial Inscriptions - CD of the memorial inscriptions at Monsom Lane Cemetery (1957-2013) and the Memorial Arboretum £2.50
Memorial Inscriptions - CD of the memorial inscriptions added to St Wystan's Churchyard 1990-2014     £1.50
We Will Remember Them - a memorial to the 43 men from Repton, Milton, Foremark and Ingleby who died in WWI   £4.50
A Stroll Through Repton of Yesteryear - Based on memories of many of the little enterprises in Repton with a fold out map and many photographs from the 1970s and much earlier. £4.00



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